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James Stephens III

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You may have seen him on HBO, Showtime, The Tonight Show or Carnegie Hall. James Stephens III has a wide range of voices. One minute he’s Chris Rock, and Lil Wayne and the next moment he’s Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan. This triple-threat also plays piano like Duke Ellington, trumpet like Louis Armstrong, dances like Sammy Davis Jr. and sings like everybody! He’s a must see class-act!

Stephens’ feature show, The Man of A Thousand Voices” is the ultimate family show – his talent reminds us of the days of Sinatra, Martin, and Davis and Lewis. His spot-on impressions of Bernie Mac, Bill Cosby, Chris Rock, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan are second to none. Whether doing a singing impression of Nat King Cole or a rap impression of Little Wayne, James is the ultimate performer. He's been called one of the funniest comedians of our times by the editor of Time magazine. Not only a regular headliner on all the major cruise lines, he has also graced the halls of Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry. He's performed around the world. He was the first African-American entertainer to perform in Amsterdam and in London at Lewisham as well as the Hackney Theater. He’s headlined in Scotland, made appearances on London’s BBC and performed at the prestigious Edinborough Festival.

In the US he has starred on several TV shows and done standup appearances on ABC, NBC, CBS as well as Comedy Central, HBO, Showtime, and MTV.

He's worked with Jennifer Aniston, Will Ferrell, Steve Carrell, Chris Rock, Garth Brooks, Patti Labelle, Aretha Franklin, Joe Rogan, George Lopez, Jerry Seinfeld and others. His quick wit and Improv skills make every show different. One moment he's Kermit the frog and another Kevin Hart. His impression of Snoop Dog doing country and western is absolutely hilarious. If that's not enough, he sits at the piano and plays classical music and in a split-second, he’s doing impressions of Pharrell, Bruno Mars and John Legend and Lionel Ritchie. James’ cross-over appeal transcends all races, gender, ethnicity or creed; but what’s most important to James is his faith. James is a born-again Christian.